Some students consider that ranking is important for choosing which high school to choose. Rankings can be important, but they should not be the only reason to choose a school. Course content, location, access to teachers, value for money, etc are all significant criteria that you should consider. Your Go2uK counselor will provide professional guidance and you should consider many factors when making your choice. It is important for international students to understand that rankings are aimed at UK students so may not be relevant to them. There is also considerable variation in the ranking provided by different research publishers. Your Go2uK counselor will give you their guidance and impartial suggestions free of charge.

High school academic standards of teaching are very close at the top; a schools ranking one year does not necessarily mean that it will be in the top 100 by the time your child has competed their studies and small variations in GCSE and A level or IB results can allow a school to move up or down in ranking. It is important to understand that boarding schools can offer specialized art or music courses, but that all UK schools have to teach the national curriculum. High ranking high schools can generally afford to pay for exceptionally capable teachers. UK high school curriculums are designed to give students a well-rounded education and allow them to explore a host of interests in preparation for specialist study at university in a specific subject.

Choosing a high school based on rankings is only one aspect of the process and if possible students and parents should visit the campuses so that they get a better feeling about the teachers and facilities. Every student has different needs and expectations, and so Go2uK staff will treat each student as a unique case.

Rankings can help give a starting point and an indication of the quality of the school. A list of rankings to help determine the best school for your child can be found by following the links below:…………

If you have any questions, please contact your Go2uK counsellor for professional and free advice.