Permanent Workers

In general there are very few permanent workers, and most of all the contract system. The so-called ‘permanent workers’ means that there is no fixed-term workers, that is the last time as long as you come to a unit, after the positive is permanent workers.
In the work the UK to apply for a work visa and work permit [] or [] High-tech immigrant visa.

1. In the UK must hold a work permit to work.

Apply for a work visa required materials:

Passport, a copy of the (check whether the passport applicant signature has to check whether to provide a copy of the passport information page and signature page)
Photos, qualified (photograph size 3.5cmx4.5cm, and a white background and a clear appearance, photographs must be taken in the last 6 months)
Work Permit original copy
British letter of appointment (UK employer issued a letter detailing your future responsibilities and wages) original copy
Original work contracts UK, copies
Now Vocational certificate and proof of income (separate proof, writing in the paper and the rise of the company with company Red Cap)
Employers now business license applicant
Now to education / professional qualifications (title document or any of your qualifications and your work experience in detail, such as diploma and degree certificates and other qualifications) original copy
English proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL or forty-six) original copy
Proof of funds, the bank official seal stamped
At least six months or more sources of funding certificate (proof of income / salary card or discount / payroll / personal tax clearance certificate can be)
Note: with spouses and children to work in the UK need to hold a marriage certificate (original and copy) and family accounts (original copy)

What are the requirements of the applicant may apply for a work visa?

The application must be made in the United Kingdom by the British employers, and should prove that no UK, EC or EU residents are willing to apply for the position, or even if it was applied but not meet the recruitment requirements. In addition the British company can also apply for a work visa for the Chinese citizens. The following four types of variable continuity and specificity talents visa applications are:

Internal (1) Company exchanged personnel;

(2) the Board of Directors who have raised the level of employment applications;

(3) jobs belonging to the shortage of jobs, such as IT, etc;

(4) Chinese investors due to investment and employment creation entity Britain;

Work permits for up to 5 years, usually non-convertible. Prior to obtaining a work permit to the United Kingdom, but also to the embassy to apply for an entry visa.

After students graduate work in England
In April, originally offered to overseas students graduating from two-year work visa (PSW) will be officially canceled. Students studying in the UK after graduation, will apply to stay in the UK in two new ways.

First, bachelor degree or above certification body awarded the British graduates can apply Point Based second level work visas, the number of applicants this level visa no limit graduates to meet the conditions may apply. Applicants need to get a job as a technical graduates in line with its status, and its British owner is to be registered in the United Kingdom Border Agency registration, their salary requirements in more than 20,000 pounds per year.

Secondly, a new first-level graduate entrepreneurs visa program will be launched later this year. The visa mainly for students who want to continue their support of the University, “because the school recognizes the rich ingenuity of these students, and I believe they have developed a number of world-class innovative concept, with entrepreneurial skills.” The first year, the number of graduate entrepreneurs visa will have 1000

Second, apply for a work permit (employment contracts must first get to apply)

British work permit system severely restricts the work of the application of non-EU workers, it can be said has caused a clear unfair competition, because a lot of technology class workers can not get a work permit and had to watch as other techniques are generally crowded EU staff out of his seat.
Work Permit Condition:

work experience. In general, if you want to apply for a British work, it must prove that you did a good job in the country in this regard; In addition, Chinese companies also you have a certain reputation can (this one in particular, you have to apply for a large British company), for example: you want to apply to the BBC, at least you have to have experience in CCTV / BTV it. As for the in-service time, of course, the longer the better, usually two to three years is very good, the key is to see you progress in the past few years in.
Work potential. That is, if you prove to the British company’s own good enough, the company will further provide a material when you apply for a work permit, prove that you have the ability to do the job and make sure you’ll do more than join the European Union the same level of staff excellent. If so, even if you have no work experience to get a license is not a problem. Of course, the premise is you have to convince the boss in advance, it may depend on your ability …
If these two are not there some other way to, but it seems difficult not small. Namely: eligible for citizenship in the EU countries (that is to give up Chinese nationals, China does not recognize dual nationality), a long time is difficult, undesirable; or to get EU green card (to an EU country, apply it more convenient than the UK), so take up many also easy, and does not have to give up citizenship
These are the basic conditions apply for work permits, according to conventional application program is basically a note of these points. Of course, there are many “unconventional” application method (money all trades and master)

Third, British skilled migrants with work visas difference

Because of the unique features of the UK Highly Skilled Migrant (first issuance of work visas, sub-migration), many people put the UK work visa and highly skilled migrant program confused. Here, we will both be interpreted difference and characteristics for screening applicants.

1, the two conditions are slightly different requirements, the applicant may refer the United Kingdom are working visa and immigration application requirements of high-tech;

Can apply for 2, work visa applicants are requested to first find employers in the United Kingdom, and after obtaining a work permit employment contract, obtained a work permit only allows you to do this job, but after entering the territory of the British skilled migrants can then look for the employer or own business, the applicant has a strong autonomy;

3, after the work visa to enter the territory of the United Kingdom can not lightly change employers; and skilled migrants can replace the work according to their wishes;

4, respectively issuing work visas valid for one year period, two-year or four-year period. May apply for permanent residence after four years of full, 5 years may apply for naturalization; and after the high-tech immigrants to enter the territory of the United Kingdom issued a first-year work visa, and then renew for three years, at least four years to apply for permanent residence for five years apply for citizenship;

5, work visa applicants apply for a work permit employers to submit to the British government, therefore, work visa applicants there may be restrictions on employers in terms of working conditions, etc., and high-tech immigrants, whether or not you have a job free, so you can search according to their own wishes on the working conditions and employers, of course, we have to have financial support, education, technology and experience on so you have to protect life or study in the UK.

Current British economic development and stability, less population, need a lot of highly educated or high-tech professionals. Therefore, where the employment environment for me is very advantageous in terms of Chinese mainland people, plus there’s a high quality of life, social welfare and security of strong, very suitable for our country who meet the eligibility criteria to go.

Fourth, the technical characteristics of immigrant visas

Job security, the applicant will hold a two-year work permit and work visa, and then after two years can be renewed for two years, four years of continuous work in the UK can apply for permanent residence in the United Kingdom;
Applicants may apply to the British after the spouse and children under the age of 18 to go to England to accompany;
Spouse can legally work in the UK free;
Children under the age of sixteen to attend free public schools;
Applicants and their families can enjoy the British government during the work free medical care;
Applicants expires four years to get permanent residency in the United Kingdom with the family after two years can apply for British citizenship;
The visa for multiple-entry visas, work at any time during the round trip to the ounce;
Five British employees enjoy hardware, software double protection

Hardware refers to a company guarantee in respect of employees’ compensation and benefits. Of course, such protection is not just limited to the timely payment of wages to the hands of the employees so simple, the company will take into account economic factors such as inflation, etc., all wages will be adjusted automatically, that every year in accordance with certain proportion of pay, in order to protect their actual standard of living steadily.

Here, employees work four days per week. Will enjoy up to 20 days per year of paid annual leave, in the holiday so long, they could easily arrange all their own leisure and entertainment; after retirement, you can also receive considerable peace of mind in their old age pension.

Security software is regularly refers to all kinds of tailor-made skills training organization for everyone, and if you are new employees, the company arranged a number of products in addition to the basic lecture knowledge, the will to combine your actual work for you conduct job training. If you’ve done a management position, the company will pay high fees for you to study for an MBA to complete further studies. In addition, because the company has offices around the world, it will be delivered on a regular basis to these places work staff training and technical exchanges, so that we get a lot of valuable international work experience.

Sixth, the United Kingdom industrial injury insurance system

UK and injury insurance promulgation in 1975. British Industrial Injury Insurance Services is responsible for the Health and Social Security. Local Health and Social Security offices responsible for specific management injury insurance and industrial injury insurance benefits payments.

British industrial injury insurance covers all employees. For the high risk of accidents miners and another separate additional subsidies. Self-employed persons do not participate in work injury insurance.

Britain has no separate injury insurance fund. Injury insurance benefits paid by the Social Insurance Fund. Social insurance fund comes from employers, employees and the Government. Injury insurance benefits, including seven aspects:

Where an employee occupational disability benefits due to work injury or occupational disease, may receive occupational disability benefit. Enjoy limit occupational disability benefits no minimum qualifying period. It began 28 weeks to receive a temporary work-related disability allowance, the same level of sickness allowance. Ruoyin accidents or occupational disability, long-term work-related disability allowance changed collar. Long-term occupational disability benefits to determine the different standards depending on the degree of disability. The degree of disability of 19% or less, issued only a one-time disability benefits 950-2950 pounds; and 20% over 18 years, one week issued 18.64 pounds, 18 less without being dependent persons, one week issued 11. 42 pounds; 90%, 18 years of age, one week issued 83.88 pounds, 18 years of age without being dependent persons, one week issued £ 51.39; 100% disability, which completely lost the ability to work who sent up to 93.2 pounds. Starting from the date of payment of the accident or disease from the first 15 weeks.

Long-term care benefits for an injury disabled people caregiver issued long-term care benefits. Depending on the degree of care required may be divided into four and so on, were 74.8 pounds per week, 56.1 pounds, 37.4 pounds, 18.7 pounds.

Receive special care subsidies and other long-term care benefits 1,2, could receive the subsidy at the same time.

Medicaid provides health care in accordance with the provisions nationals.

Lower income as a result of a disability subsidies, can not get a job of the same income, the subsidy issue a maximum of £ 37.28 per week.

Retirement reduce subsidies by receiving income subsidy, male over 65 years of age, women over 60 years of age, the lower stop receiving income subsidy, subsidy reform collar retirees, the maximum subsidy amount £ 9.32 per week.

Survivors’ benefits survivors include the widow, widower and children of survivors and their eligible dependents, such as a parent or other dependent relatives. Survivors its standards of treatment depends on the circumstances, a certain amount of pension issued.


Green Card

Green Card is a permanent residence, is that you can in a lifetime free access to the UK, to live and enjoy the benefits. English called Permanent Residence, also known as indefinite leave to remain.
The process is as follows:

1 because the EU member states is the integration of 27 countries, freedom of movement, access does not require a visa, so long as the EU has a passport of any country, out of those countries is very easy, can work, live life. For example, you got a British passport to the Republic of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland , Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Lithuania and other countries are free access. Switzerland is a neutral country, but also free access to travel.

2 of our continent has not Hong Kong, Taiwanese and out of the Free, because of the different system. They can travel abroad freely within six months, but it is difficult to get a visa, I had to pay a lot of what the margin, formalities good trouble.

3 General mainland people are studying abroad, a few high-tech job by immigrants. There is no offense Fujian stowaways in Europe, but work illegally, he lived for 14 years to get a green card.

4 by a small number of political refugees to apply for political asylum green card.

5 former colony of Hong Kong to Britain by convenience, it will be very difficult.

6 China’s high international voice of the people now, so it seems the international status of the Chinese people better.

7 generally get a green card after one year later, you can apply for a British passport, English exam grade to ESOL 3, which is dedicated to apply for a British overseas green card, passport who designed a very simple test, the way to help understand the history of the United Kingdom , politics, life knowledge.

And the British later married to two years can apply for the visa green card, you can apply for a British passport again a year later.
Take 5-year work visas, can apply for a green card after 5 years, and then a year to apply for a British passport.
Students had lived for 10 years, can apply for a green card, now canceled, in order to limit immigration,
Also worked for 10 years, or take full refugee status after 14 years, you can apply for a green card in the United Kingdom,
There are a lot of Sichuan, Guangdong to the United Kingdom on behalf of the restaurant chefs, five-year work visa application, after completing five years to apply for a green card, apply for a passport in another year. Applying for a UK visa green card in a different category, there are different legal provisions can apply to green card.
Once you have a British passport or green card, if your parents in China over 65 years, and you are the only child, the parents can apply to the UK to live.
If you are in the country of divorce, marriage and later the British, your child is under 16 years of age, you can give him / her apply for a green card, and their parents, education is free.
Applying for a UK green card, passport are to have a job in the UK, there are taxes, government benefits do not eat, no criminal record. After Britain and other get a green card, passport can enjoy its free health care, education, welfare and so on.


UK Immigration

British immigrants into investment immigrants and skilled migrants.

British investment immigration

First, the British investment immigration benefits:

One of Europe’s most developed countries, one of the world’s financial center, the capital market is mature and developed; the current exchange rate is the best time to invest.
Good social order, highly rule of law, respect for human rights, protection of private property;
Enjoy free medical benefits, free home UK Property;
Quality of education: the world-famous British schools, children under the age of 16 can enjoy a free public school education, can enjoy genuine first-class British education;
Information is simple, no need to prove the source of funding and tax returns;
No management experience, not age, education, English language requirements;
Application is simple and quick approval about three months;
The family (the parent application and spouses and unmarried children under age 18) can enjoy generous welfare England, over 65 years old may apply to become parents or grandparents went to England to settle in after a permanent resident;
Spouse residence (main applicant), can effectively preserve the family status;
Britain allows dual citizenship; British passport worldwide traffic, work and live freely in the EU.
The applicant and his family (including spouse and children under the age of 18) can apply for investment immigration visa at the British residence after five years, together with the right to apply for permanent residence. ☆ investors during the five-year residence permit free access to the United Kingdom, it may stay some time in a country other than the United Kingdom.
Since the British stay flexible resilient characteristics, so such applications suitable for those who have invested in businesses outside the UK.
Application conditions:

1. The applicant is not less than 18 years of age, no maximum age limit

2. Investment. There are two ways: (1) invest 1.05 million pounds, 50,000 pounds of administrative costs and legal fees, one million pounds to buy government bonds, 5 years after the return, will receive interest annually; asset requirement: £ 1,050,000 transferable funds (2) Loan Financing: Investment £ 190,000 as interest on loans, will not be returned; asset requirement: movable and immovable property net assets valued at £ 2,000,000

Second, the British investment immigrants Profile

The simplest, easiest and most efficient British investment immigration program. As long as you have the £ 1.05 million of liquidity, you can take this the quickest and most convenient way to invest immigrants. The entire processing cycle 4-6 months to complete, after the family is eligible to sign (children can not exceed 18 years of age) must enter the United Kingdom within two months. Since the Bank of England suffering the impact of the financial turmoil in the world, the original £ 2 million total assets with loans to the Bank of England £ 170,000 one-time buyout investment ways currently not possible, it is noted.

Britain has been no immigration country, but its high-quality international education standards and a good living environment to attract a lot of wealthy people understand British conditions, they all want the British government to open the door to immigrants. Is the need of the times, but also the need of development of the UK in recent years, the British government finally wake up and wise. They begin receiving highly educated people and assets strong economic migrants to Britain. In the Chinese people have become rich first through investment of 10.5 million pounds immigration channels England, this is an ideal opportunity. Britain introduced the policy received strong economic assets migrants who, because of its speed and relatively fast trial in Canada, Australia and the United States a simple documentation requirements to obtain the favor of many people, heat investment immigration heats up, go who was first in the previous benefits.

When investment choose to apply for investment immigration, there are two ways for the applicant’s choice of investment:
The first way: invest 1.05 million pounds currency to buy British government bonds, five-year, five years later recover all principal, interest and availability of investment funds arising;
The second way: the direct cost of approximately £ 170,000 five-year £ 1.05 million buyout of investment, to do this action, the applicant first needs to have two million pounds of the total 1.05 million pounds of assets or bank deposits, are willing to use a certain amount of sterling to the bank to make loans.

Saying, loans to buy a pound way family immigration status. No need to explain the source of assets, there is no experience in business management requirements as Canada, Australia and the United States, investment immigration program requires applicants to declare their assets to explain the legitimate sources, but because of the special situation of China’s development, many applicants can not provide complete asset source documents such as audit reports, income tax and so on. British investment immigrants at this point have any other kind of investment immigration program advantages can not be compared, because the project no strict requirements on the source of assets, the assets can only request proof (can generally explain the source of funding). Moreover, for the declaration of assets, may be through inheritance, gift, any form of investment in securities, futures trading, business operations such as access, requiring very flexible.

Similarly, the traditional Canadian investment immigration to Canada and Australia investment immigration investment immigration requirements with the principal applicant for at least two years of management experience in business investment immigration to Canada successful, it means that the main applicant must fully manage a company more than two years, British investment immigrants for business management experience, without any requirements as long as 18 years of age can be put forward as the main British investment immigration application the applicant.

The freedom to choose the principal applicant is because there is no source of British investment immigration program and asset management experience requirement, so the couple can choose to be either the application as the main applicant. If the family has attained 18 years of age wish to remain in the United Kingdom, it can also serve as the principal applicant, parents can transfer assets to the child’s name, then the child in my name to apply for British investors. Applicants will be required to obtain a visa master living in the UK least six months, we usually recommend the principal applicant residing in the United Kingdom every year the best in nine months time, so as to guarantee access by applying for British citizenship.

For those whose children are studying in the UK families, to apply for British investment immigration is undoubtedly the best choice for them to stay in the UK. Because, on the one hand, after a successful immigrant children will enjoy generous social welfare England, especially the huge concessions on tuition abroad; on the other hand, parents do not have to give up the domestic business, so that both ends are really a double benefit. Application cycle fast, simple naturalized British investment immigration application cycle is very fast, from the beginning to the final submission of the application can get a resident visa fastest four months to complete, for those who want to apply for immigration in the short term, the British investment immigration project is undoubtedly on the choice.

British investment immigration once the application is successful, the applicant and immediately begin to enjoy all UK fringe benefits, including a comprehensive national health care system and free service (NHS), child and maternal welfare, disability / sickness benefits, retirement benefits, widows benefits, unemployment benefits, low-income earners and social welfare funds. In the five years to enter the United Kingdom, the applicant must meet each year to live nine months of requirements that may apply to become a British citizen after 5 years. Britain to allow dual nationality.


British skilled migrants
The so-called ‘immigrant’ under this program is not an understanding of “permanent residents” in the usual sense, but rather a long-term work visa, usually valid for one year, after the expiration of such as to meet the conditions can apply for renewal.

First, the British high-tech immigrant advantage

England due to an aging population and a shortage of high-tech talent and a series of issues, from 2002 launch of the UK high-tech immigration policy to allow special skills and work experience of the individual to the UK to work, or are self-employed. Given Britain’s demand for high-tech talent, highly skilled migrants to apply for the United Kingdom can enjoy the following advantages:

Applicants may be legally free to work, either in the relevant professional work, but also founded their own company in any industry
The applicant’s spouse can work freely
Applicants can bring their spouses and children under the age of 18 to go with England
Children under 18 can attend free public schools
Applicants and their families are to enjoy free medical care
After Britain lived five years, applicants and their families will be eligible for permanent residency in the United Kingdom; obtain permanent residency after one year can apply to join the British nationality.
Second, the technical immigration eligibility

British skilled migrants Rating:

1. Education:

Bachelor 15 points

Master of 25 points

PhD 30 points

2. Work experience:

(1) 28 years and older applicants:

Graduated from college more than five years of work experience, or graduate school more than three years of work experience 25 minutes

In line with the one and work experience with 2 years experience in advanced 35 points

I graduated from college more than 10 years of experience and five years of senior experience in 50 minutes

(2) 28 years of age and 28 years of age applicants:

I graduated from college more than two years of work experience 25 minutes

I graduated from college more than 35 points four years of work experience

Previous work experience in line and have one year of experience 50 points High

Advanced experience means in the company as general manager, director, department manager, supervisor, project leader, etc.

3, last year’s income (Level C):

(1) 28 years and older applicants:

Annual income of 12,500 pounds (180,000 yuan) more than 25 points

Annual income of 31,250 pounds (420,000 yuan) more than 35 points

Annual income of 78,125 pounds (100 million yuan) more than 50 points

(2) 28 years of age and 28 years of age applicants:

Annual income of 8450 pounds (120,000 yuan) more than 25 points

Annual income of 12,500 pounds (180,000 yuan) more than 35 points

Annual income of 18,750 pounds (250,000 yuan) more than 50 points

Note: Annual income refers to income of the previous year, income including salary + bonus + commission

4. Achievements

Major achievements of the field 15 minutes

Outstanding achievement 25 points

(To satisfy this condition, the applicant needs to provide documentary evidence to support their access to the achievements in your field has been recognized by the peers and significantly promoted the development of the field.)

Note: Achievement refers published books, articles, obtain a higher level awards, honors

NOTE: bachelor’s degree or higher in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom are working to provide applicants extra points.

Score in 65 minutes (28 years and younger applicant) or 75 points (28 more applicants) or more, the industry has the ability to find work or self-employed people in the UK can apply for British Highly Skilled Migrant (HSMP), HSMP language is no mandatory requirement, as long as your language skills to meet the work requirements, scoring criteria is divided into blocks, each applicant according to their total score plus you can get your score.

According to a scoring system to assess the applicant, if qualified, they can get a visa in a few months. For a review conducted in scoring, as long as the specified fraction of applicants, will be allowed to remain in the UK looking for work, time for a minimum of one year, up to four years.
British nationals enjoy free medical treatment during the work, working for the rights of permanent residence in the United Kingdom for four years available (green card).
Third, the skilled migration visa extension

Successful applicants get 12 months of the visa, if they continue to be employed in the UK, you can apply for a visa extension of 3 years, 3 years after the applicant may apply for a high-tech immigrants to settle in the UK.
But those eligible for government-funded overseas and stay in the United Kingdom who are not in the list of considerations. And – as tourists and short-term stays are also required to return the country before they can apply.

After 12 months, the following four cases continue to receive three-year extension of the British high-tech immigrant visa sign:
Applicants find work in the UK, with proven relevant work, we can continue to receive three years of high-tech immigrant visa Britain signed the extension;
Self-employed applicants founded the company in the UK, with related companies to prove, to continue to receive an immigrant visa for three years Britain sign the extension of high-tech;
Applicant shall work in Britain and founder of the company self-employed, with related work and company prove that Britain can continue to receive three years of high-tech immigrant visas to sign the extension;
That work is not found the applicant is not yet self-employed founder of the company, should provide sufficient evidence to suggest that a program is underway, as several job application or business plan in the UK, you can continue to get three British high-tech immigrant visa sign the extension;
According to the British immigration law, stay in Britain for four years and can meet certain other conditions who can obtain permanent residence Britain. The first five years, the applicant can apply for a British passport has become a British citizen.

Affiliated applicant
The applicant’s spouse and young (under 18) are affiliated children included in the application file, which can emigrate to Britain. They can attend free of any public school, private school or school choice fees. The applicant’s spouse can come to the UK and the freedom to work. All the immigrants are to enjoy free medical care.