Our Value and Benefits to the Client:
  • Enterprise value typically increases by over three-fold.
  • International growth strategy is a compelling equity story and provides owners with the potential for an optimised exit.
  • Investors are attracted to provide funding for expansion catalysis.
  • Performance and profitability increase by over 5 times the cost.
  • Management are fully engaged in the project which reduces Bayley Limited costs in comparison with other external consultants by at least a third.
  • The Bayley Limited process facilitates rapid project timescales of 3-4 months on average (will vary with complexity and scale).
  • Enhanced skills and capabilities of management participants in the programme.
  • The financial benefits that our clients achieve in the first year of a project are typically more than five times the Bayley Limited fees.
  • Bayley Limited fees are typically a third lower than consultancies as we work with client managers rather than using large external project teams.